African Overland Trip 2011

Mission complete - a truly great adventure had by all!

The Mission

To drive from the UK to Durban in South Africa, travelling overland across the African continent. 15,000 miles, 3 vehicles, 6 people, what could possibly go wrong. 

The 'gone for a drive Team' consists of two commercial pilots, three Land Rover specialists (Engineers) and one personal assistant by profession, each with our own areas of expertise, this trip would seemingly have been tailor made for us! 

We have all taken inspiration from previous travel and work experiences, and by a curious twist of fate, have conspired to accomplish the trip of a lifetime. The Route takes us through some of the most diverse regions on the earth, with a long stop in Tanzania to give some practical help to local Charities

If you would like to keep track of the 'gone for a drive' teams progress, and antics, then get involved. Become a member and revel in the action as it unfolds. 



 The 'Gone for a drive' team at the Eagle's Nest, Bavaria. 2/4/2011

 The 'Gone for a drive' team, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. 18/8/2011

                                  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !


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